I Can’t believe its almost here!

Sometimes it is hard to believe that I will be graduating in almost two months. Even though I’m so excited to graduate, it is also sad. Recently I decided I was going to make the most of my last nine weeks of high school.

For the past six years I have woken up at seven in the morning and done just enough to look decent at school, but now I am going to start trying to look better at school. I have a Pinterest account https://www.pinterest.com/kristenkimrey/. Go follow me I pin almost every day. I am not going to lie I am legit obsessed with Pinterest. I have problems when it comes to Pinterest. Back to what I was talking about, I have a board especially for makeup for school. I have been trying some new makeup ideas out on Sundays because I am kinda scared that it will look bad. But I have gotten some pretty positive feedback.

I also like to go to Youtube for ideas. My most favorite person on Youtube for makeup is Stephanie Lange. She is amazing at makeup. I have hooded eyes so it is kinda hard to makeup that looks good with hooded eyes but so does Stephanie. She makes it so much easier to do my makeup.

I hope I encouraged someone else to get the confidence to start wearing more makeup!


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