Natural Menstrual Cramp Remedies

Just like a lot of other girls, I am having very bad menstrual cramp. Well I have done a lot of searching, and I have found a few tricks that work for me on those days when you are hurting so bad.

First thing I always try when I can feel the cramps coming is Red Raspberry Herbal Tea. I drink a cup in the morning with just a little bit of sugar and some Chobani yogurt. Then I drink another cup at night just before bed.

At night I also sleep with a heating pad on my stomach. Sometimes if the cramps come during the day I will use the heating pad, and just lay down and rest.

I always take my vitamins. Every day I take a prenatal; vitamins A, B6, and E; fenugreek; and papaya. But when I am on my period I also add fish oil, calcium, and magnesium.

But without a doubt the best thing to do for cramps is yoga. I was never in to yoga before menstrual cramps, but I fell in LOVE with yoga when I found how relaxing and helpful it is. I do this routine every night when I am on my period just before I get in the shower.

This lady knows what she is doing. I absolutely love this yoga routine. It helps me to relax and forget about my cramps and anything else that is stressing me out.

If nothing of these things work, the last resort will always be Ibuprofen. You can take up to 3200 milligrams of Ibuprofen in a day, but I would not take it unless you absolutely have to because it can cause digestion and stomach problems.

I hope this helped anyone who has menstrual cramps. If any of these things works or you have a suggestion of what you do leave them in the comments. Thanks!