Disney World Trip

This is my senior year. My school does a senior trip every other year for the juniors and senors. This year we are going to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I am so excited! We will be gone for four days. It is going to be so much fun, but I do not know what to wear. I know that is almost always hot in Florida, but what if it rains or it just happens to be cloudy and cool on the days we are there. I would wear shorts the whole time, but I have not gotten a tan yet so I look like an albino. I also do not want to wear jeans the whole time and be sweating my butt off. And of course girls always over pack. We could be going somewhere for one night and pack everything except our sink. I will probably end up packing ten pairs of shorts and three jeans. I also do not know if I should wear makeup or not. I do not want to wear makeup and then start sweating and it start running. But I also do not want to not wear makeup and look bad in front of thousands of people. Why does being a girl have to be so difficult.

There is one thing I know will be good about this trip; I will not be on my period. It just ended yesterday. Thank God! I have been dreading going to Disney World and being miserable the entire time because of my period. When it started this month I was so happy. This was the one and ONLY time I will be happy to have my period.

Another thing  am also dreading is the bus ride. I can sleep almost anywhere, but I am scared to sleep around my friends because they would do something to me. I am also tall so I cannot lay out and sleep; I have to sleep on two seats.

I have to admit, I am excited about the food at Epcot with all the countries. I love food. I am also excited about the Star Wars attractions. As everyone knows I am a huge fan of Star Wars. I just found out yesterday that you can meet Kylo Ren. That is definitely going to be the best part of the trip. We will be going to Hollywood Studios the first day! I cannot wait to take a picture with Mickey and Minnie, and get my Minnie Mouse ears.

I will take plenty of pictures while I am there and add them on my post next week.


I Can’t believe its almost here!

Sometimes it is hard to believe that I will be graduating in almost two months. Even though I’m so excited to graduate, it is also sad. Recently I decided I was going to make the most of my last nine weeks of high school.

For the past six years I have woken up at seven in the morning and done just enough to look decent at school, but now I am going to start trying to look better at school. I have a Pinterest account https://www.pinterest.com/kristenkimrey/. Go follow me I pin almost every day. I am not going to lie I am legit obsessed with Pinterest. I have problems when it comes to Pinterest. Back to what I was talking about, I have a board especially for makeup for school. I have been trying some new makeup ideas out on Sundays because I am kinda scared that it will look bad. But I have gotten some pretty positive feedback.

I also like to go to Youtube for ideas. My most favorite person on Youtube for makeup is Stephanie Lange. She is amazing at makeup. I have hooded eyes so it is kinda hard to makeup that looks good with hooded eyes but so does Stephanie. She makes it so much easier to do my makeup.

I hope I encouraged someone else to get the confidence to start wearing more makeup!

Natural Menstrual Cramp Remedies

Just like a lot of other girls, I am having very bad menstrual cramp. Well I have done a lot of searching, and I have found a few tricks that work for me on those days when you are hurting so bad.

First thing I always try when I can feel the cramps coming is Red Raspberry Herbal Tea. I drink a cup in the morning with just a little bit of sugar and some Chobani yogurt. Then I drink another cup at night just before bed.

At night I also sleep with a heating pad on my stomach. Sometimes if the cramps come during the day I will use the heating pad, and just lay down and rest.

I always take my vitamins. Every day I take a prenatal; vitamins A, B6, and E; fenugreek; and papaya. But when I am on my period I also add fish oil, calcium, and magnesium.

But without a doubt the best thing to do for cramps is yoga. I was never in to yoga before menstrual cramps, but I fell in LOVE with yoga when I found how relaxing and helpful it is. I do this routine every night when I am on my period just before I get in the shower.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iglbdN1tmF0

This lady knows what she is doing. I absolutely love this yoga routine. It helps me to relax and forget about my cramps and anything else that is stressing me out.

If nothing of these things work, the last resort will always be Ibuprofen. You can take up to 3200 milligrams of Ibuprofen in a day, but I would not take it unless you absolutely have to because it can cause digestion and stomach problems.

I hope this helped anyone who has menstrual cramps. If any of these things works or you have a suggestion of what you do leave them in the comments. Thanks!

Shopping Star Wars

Yesterday I went shopping since I got money for Christmas. When I went I did not know what I wanted, but when I saw the shirt hanging up on the rack I knew what I was getting.


It is so perfect. I had been wanting to get another Star Wars shirt for a while, but I could never find one I liked. This one was it. I mean seriously who would not want a shirt that has Kylo Ren on it. I absolutely love my new shirt.


I had not planned on buying anything else that day, but when I saw this thing I could say no.

The Force Awakens is a great movie like I LOVE it, but the oldest ones are the best. It is a picture of the first Star Wars movie made with all of the actors’ names at the bottom. I love my two new Star Wars gifts to myself.

Star Wars


Everyone has been counting down the days to Star Wars, and rightfully they should. As the seventh episode of the Star Wars movies I would say it is definitely one of the best. This one has a certain “flare” about it. The main female protagonist is Rey. We do not know much about her except that she was left on Jakku by her parents, she is very good at fixing things and flying, and she is easily able to use the force. There have been many theories as to who her parents are, but no one knows for sure. My personal opinion, I think she is the daughter of Luke Skywalker. It would explain why the light saber was attracted to her more than Kylo Ren who is the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia.

Now on the subject of Kylo Ren. He is the main male antagonist. Kylo Ren is the son of Han Solo and Leia and the nephew of Luke Skywalker. Which means he is also the grandson of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. Throughout the movie Kylo Ren is wrestling with himself because he wants to become as powerful with the Dark Side as his grandfather, Darth Vader. He wants to finish the crusade that Darth Vader started. Personally Kylo Ren is my favorite character. He is easy to connect to because he is struggling to live up to his grandfathers legacy.

Of course someone has to die in the movie. For anyone who has not seen the movie I want say who dies, but I will say that I was not expecting it and I cried like a baby. Altogether it was a fantastic movie. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. There are a few scenes of blood, but nothing bad. Best movie of 2015!

Leave comments on who your favorite character is and who you think are Rey’s parents.

Made For Another World

I’m now seventeen years old almost eighteen. It’s time for me to start making some major life choices, but just like most teenagers I don’t know what I want to do.  I try to please my parents and friends, but that does not mean I am pleasing myself. I feel like I must conform to the world, but why would I do that. I should not live to please the world. Sometimes I feel like nothing in this world can satisfy my desires. Which makes me think I was made for another world.